Roamwild Multi-Digger Fibreglass Light Weight Garden Digging Spade


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  • [AIR LIGHT POWERFUL NEXT LEVEL HYBRID DIGGING INNOVATION] - Everything you need in one lightweight strong reinforced fiberglass spade shovel design – A digging spade, root cutter and unique ergonomic AIR light handle design. The design allows the user to translate power directly into the ground where it matters, significantly reducing digging efforts by up to 80%. 
  • [DUAL GRIP HANDLE TECHNOLOGY] – Easy Dig / Easy Shovel - Gives ultimate power and control with easy use. Incorporating 2 sets of grips in the handle, the exceptionally innovative AIR light design and lightweight Fiberglass shaft allows for powerful digging and maximum close up cute control. Extra-large grip for easy comfortable use.
  • [UNIQUE ARROW SPADE HEAD DESIGN] – arrow head shaped head with large surface area foot plates and root cutting edge allows you to dig through sod and roots like they're not there Great for rocky, compacted soils and clay. Excellent for transplanting and dividing highly rooted perennials.
  • [ERGONOMIC LARGE GRIP ARRANGEMENT] - Gives more control and flexibility to different types and styles of digging / shovelling work. Powerful lightweight Fibreglass shaft combined with AIR light ergonomic handle design and durable coated blade offers the ultimate strong but ultra-lightweight comfortable digging experience.
  • [ROAMWILD WARRANTY INCLUDED] - Made from UV stable long lasting materials. Quite simply if you are not 100% satisfied then we will give you your money back in full. Roamwild, a brand you can reply on.

    It is the NEXT LEVEL in ultra lightweight DIGGING INNOVATION and can make digging up to 80% easier. The Muilti-digger spade is everything you need in one lightweight strong reinforced design. It is a digging spade, shovel and root cutter all in 1 tool, with a unique large easy to use AIR light handle and fibreglass shaft. The unique design of the Multi-Digger spade allows the user to translate digging power directly to the tip of the tool, where it matters most. This significantly reduces digging efforts. This combined with the unique ARROW shaped HEAD DESIGN with large surface foot plates easily penetrates any soil or rocky ground. It makes light work of cutting through turf, digging into hard clay, or being used to separate and transplant the toughest perennials. We had one person that transplanted 36 plants from hard rocky soil and all of them survived. Incorporated on the side of the spade head design is a root cutting serrated edge that allows you to easily dig through sod and roots like they're not there. The DUAL GRIP AIR LIGHT HANDLE TECHNOLOGY allows for Easy Digging & Easy Shovelling. The unique design gives more control and flexibility to different types and styles of digging or shovelling work. The Extra-large grip allows for easy comfortable use even when wearing gloves. It makes heavy soil feel light and allows you to do detailed work without disturbing the surrounding plants, aswell as taking on larger tasks like digging up bushes and stumps All these unique features combined offer an ultra-lightweight comfortable, yet powerful digging experience. The Roamwild multi-digger range – The next level in digging innovation.


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