Roamwild Carry-More - Car Trunk Storage Organizer / Wagon Cart With Wheels


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The Roamwild Carry-More is a unique, heavy duty trunk organizer, perfect for any vehicle. It is the only trunk organizer that has a telescopic handle and durable wheels meaning you can transport your goods with ease with this waggon cart  like function. Not only can you wheel the Roamwild Carry-More around but it also comes with four comfortable hand straps ensuring carrying and maneuverability is seamless, easy and effortless. The storage compartments are also removable, allowing for optimal storage space, as well as this, there is extra secure side netting and a front pocket for any extra spatial requirements. A cooler bag is also included so you can store food, drinks and more. Positioned at the base are non slip stable feet - this ensures that Roamwild Carry-More stays in place and does not slide around. It is also fully collapsible and folds up extremely small so it is even more portable.


[TRUNK ORGANIZER AND WAGGON CART IN ONE] - Not only is this a fully functional and collapsible large trunk organizer with 3 x compartments and a net pocket, it is the ONLY trunk organizer that has a telescopic handle and wheels meaning it can also be used as a waggon cart to transport your goods from one place to another.

[DURABLE & BUILT TO LAST] - Made with high quality materials, The Roamwild Carry-more is water resistant and durable and will withstand heavy use. With reinforced stitching around the handles ensures premium quality allowing no room for wear and tear issues. The Carry-More also has non slip feet guaranteeing maximum stability.

[MULTI-FUNCTIONAL] - As well as being a large car trunk organizer, included is a detachable fully insulated, leak proof and easy to clean 24L capacity cooler bag which is perfect to keep things cold or hot. The Carry-More also comes with side netting pocket and extra storage compartments as well as four carry handles, meaning you won’t struggle for storage and maneuverability is seamless.  It is everything you will ever need in a storage organizer and more!

[ROBUST DURABLE WHEELS & TELESCOPIC HANDLE] - The ONLY trunk organizer with wheels and a telescopic handle, this means that the Carry-More can be taken anywhere for example; used for carrying shopping to and from the car, transporting goods on a day out, carrying a picnic, carrying sports kit and much more!

[ROAMWILD GUARANTEE INCLUDED] - If you are not 100% satisfied with your product we will quite simply give you your money back fast, no questions asked.  Full product support available.

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