Roamwild Car Crack Vac – All In One Car Interior Tool


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  • [HIGH PERFORMANCE SMALL DEBRIS PICK UP] – The built in debris pick up system makes easy work of cleaning up those annoying small patches of debris that get dragged into the car. Includes a magnetic release debris tray, so quick and easy to empty.
  • [EASY PET HAIR REMOVAL] – Both sides of the tool are generously covered in velour lint-catching fabric, perfect for coaxing pet hair and dust off any interior surface.
  • [MAGNETIC CRACK RETRIEVAL TOOL] – This thin extending 360 degree rotational tool is really useful. You can use it to hook, push or flick object like keys, coins and phones out from tight spaces.
  • [BRIGHT LED] – The built in bright LED is really useful for looking in dark places or to use as a light to see under the car or examine the engine of the car. Additional useful neodymium hoop magnet surrounding the LED.
  • [STIFF BRISTLED DEBRIS BRUSH FOR TIGHT SPACES] – This is really useful for brushing out debris in tight awkward spaces. The deliberate stiff bristles do the job.
  • [SOFT DELICATE BRUSH] – Is ideal for cleaning the more delicate parts of the car interior like brushing dust off vents, dashboard and other nooks and crannies.
  • [ROAMWILD GUARANTEE BUILT IN] - If you are not 100% SATISFIED we will give you your money back guaranteed.

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