Customer Reviews


"Item as described! Received fast! Double boxed in shipment. All accounted for. Wonderful communication by seller. Highly recommend seller. Will order another set again! Thank you!"

"Item was received two days earlier than promised in perfect condition. Tracking was outstanding and provided an estimated time of arrival within one hour and the tracking app showed the location of the delivery vehicle as it traveled to my home. Very cool."

"Seller was quick to fill order. Had no issues and delivery was as stated."


Roamwild PestOff Bird Feeder
"Just what I have been looking for. Squirrels have been unable to steal the peanuts, it really works. Fast delivery of goods and it arrived in perfect condition."


Roamwild PestOff Chicken Feeder  
"I am so pleased that I bought this item. We have had the worst rat infestation that I have known. The rats were so bold they would come when I called the chickens and swing on the old-fashioned feeder to graze alongside the hens. I would frequently see six or seven rats running away as I approached. Since buying this item I have not seen one rat and there is still feed left when the chickens have finished which has not happened for weeks."


Roamwild Multi-Cutter 
"I am slightly older than 70 ;) and I used this garden tool and was so surprised how easy and light weight it is. The lopper and shears are excellent and the clip on saw allowed me to prune up high. I really like the red grips on the handles as they make the tool feel even more lightweight and much easier to use for me. Amazing product, well worth the money."


Roamwild Multi Pull Saw Pro 

"A really brilliant saw. So well made, it has class written all over it. It cuts beautifully especially with hardwood and ply. Once you get used to cutting at the optimal angle and the cut is made on the pull stroke, you won’t want to use any other saw even a power saw. Well recommended plus great value."


Roamwild Airtushi 
I love this seat! We take it everywhere with us. We've had it since our baby was about 6 months old, now he's almost 2. The seat is great for dining out and visits to grandma's house. I love how compact it is, making transportation a breeze.


Roamwild Armrest Buddy 

"I got this for my daughter when we traveled to the UK. It was great/ she fell asleep with it on the armrest and not on my arm which made for a much more comfortable trip. Now, she still uses it as a pillow and a blanket a around the house and it is pretty handy for car trips as well."


Roamwild Surround Pillow Air 
"Awesome pillow, I used this for an international flight and it helped me get some GREAT sleep. It supports your neck so you're not a bobble head while trying to sleep and relieves neck pain on those long flights."