Roamwild Hanging Hummingbird Feeder with Double Moat Guard Technology


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  • [100% ANT & BEE & WASP PROOF] – The unique feeding port design and double ant moat technology prevents crawling insects, ants, bees and wasps from accessing the nectar letting only your hummingbirds enjoy the nectar.
  • [KEEPS NECTAR FRESHER FOR LONGER & ATTRACTS HUMMINGBIRDS] – The beautiful Natural Tulip shape sun Shade / weather guard protects birds and nectar from the suns UV & all weathers, meaning the nectar will not spoil and last for longer. The tulip shaped shade also keeps other unwanted birds from landing and messing on the feeder – so no more unwanted droppings or debris on your hummingbird feeder!
  • [5 X FEEDING STATIONS - QUICK TO FILL & EASY TO CLEAN] – This feeder has a 12 fl oz capacity & 5 feeding ports with elevated flower features to divert rain and unwanted mess away from feeding ports. Next to the feeding ports is a unique ‘quick-fill’ top up inlet that allows you to fill the feeder without having to take the feeder down – great for quick top ups and easy filling. Printed on the clear tray is a highly visible top-up guide. The design is anti-spill, meaning no more nuisance spillages.
  • [360 DEGREE WRAP AROUND ELEVATED OBSERVATION PERCH] – The elevated 360 degree wrap around perch invites hummingbirds to naturally rest comfortably as they drink from any of the five feeding ports while also offering you an unobstructed view of the birds for longer.
  • [ROAMWILD GUARANTEE INCLUDED & DISHWASHER FRIENDLY] - Constructed of UV resistant unbreakable polycarbonate & with premium non-rust Stainless steel hanging hook – Long lasting quality build materials that can be cleaned in the dishwasher. With the Roamwild Warranty, quite simply, if you are not 100% satisfied we will give you your money back.

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