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How to Get Some Sleep On Your Next Flight

How to Get Some Sleep On Your Next Flight

Let’s face it: plane journeys can sometimes be really boring. This means that often the only thing you can do to pass the time is shut your eyes, and grab some much needed rest before the plane lands.

The problem is simple though, as often it is almost impossible to get to sleep while flying, thanks to many factors. These can include noisy kids, uncomfortable seats, and incessant interruptions by cabin crew members, asking if you’d like another drink. There are some ways to get that sleep you crave so much though, and we’ve listed a few of them below…

Travel Pillow

There aren’t many seats more uncomfortable than those found on airlines, especially if you aren’t lucky enough to have a place in business class. Getting your head comfortably resting against the seat is perhaps the most difficult job of all, but this can be helped by bringing a travel pillow onto the flight with you. It won’t drown out the noise, but it will at least mean you don’t constantly shuffle around, having to contort your body into a comfortable position.

Eye Mask

Now that a travel pillow has sorted your problems with comfort, you can get rid of those often bright lights found on planes. The simple solution to these lights is an eye mask, however the ones that airlines provide free of charge are usually pretty poor quality. Instead, buy a decent eye mask before you board the plane, so that all the light is completely blocked out.

Ear Plugs

Airplanes are noisy places, with screaming kids, loud tannoys and passengers who insist on talking at the top of their voices. A decent set of ear plugs will remove this noise though, allowing you to drift off to sleep. If you prefer, you can use headphones and play some of your favorite music instead. If you choose the latter option, don’t forget to charge your iPod before you leave home though!

Don’t Drink Alcohol

It’s always tempting to drink one or two of those small bottles of alcohol when on a plane, but it is a bad idea if you want to get to sleep. You might think that alcohol will send you off into a nice sleep, but it won’t. Instead, you’ll have a poor quality of sleep (if you manage to get to sleep at all), and are likely to feel pretty groggy for much of the journey.


So, there are a few ways you can get some sleep on your next flight. Hopefully when you land, you’ll feel a bit more awake – and a lot happier – than you usually do!
Keeping Comfortable on Long Flights: Five Top Tips

Keeping Comfortable on Long Flights: Five Top Tips

Long flights: they’re often hugely uncomfortable, however there are a few things you can do to ensure that your next long-haul flight is slightly more bearable.

From relieving boredom through to letting you have a good sleep, the five tips below are things that every regular flier should know about…

Travel Pillow

Airline seats are insanely uncomfortable – unless you’re lucky enough to get a place in business class! The head-rests are a particular problem, as they make finding a comfortable sleeping position almost impossible. The result? A cricked neck, and often considerable pain for days afterwards.

The solution is simple though: the Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow. It will support your neck better than any other travel pillow out there, thanks to its innovative design. It even includes side supports, so your head doesn’t fall to the side while sleeping! It’ll fit snugly in your hand luggage, and you can simply grab it whenever you feel the need for a quick snooze…

Get a Good Seat

Not all seats are created equal. Just check out the schematics of different seat plans, which can be seen on sites such as SeatGuru. Seats that are next to the toilets, or near exit doors, are certainly ones you want to avoid, as the space can be cramped and the interference from other passengers can be huge.

So, when you book your flight, see if you can get a specified seat. If not, ask again at the gate. And if you still have no joy? Get to the front of the queue and get the pick of all the best seats when you board!

Leave the Alcohol Alone

The temptation to have a quick glass of wine (or three) on a flight is one that many people aren’t able to resist. The problem comes a few hours later though, when dehydration sets in, and getting any meaningful sleep is made incredibly difficult. Instead, the best things to drink aboard a flight are water and drinks with a high electrolyte content.

Bring Your Own Entertainment

If you’re on a long 15-hour flight, there are only so many movies you can watch on the in-flight entertainment system (mainly because the screen quality is often awful). So, make sure you bring plenty of things to do. These could include handheld consoles, puzzle books and iPods – essentially anything that will keep you entertained for a few minutes!


This might seem obvious, but the best way to have a great flight is to get an upgrade. If you have them, use your frequent flier miles to get a taste of luxury. If you don’t have any, simply ask everyone you can think of, from the staff at the gate through to the air stewards – you might get lucky and get the upgrade you want!

Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow: A Travel Pillow that You Cannot Do Without

Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow: A Travel Pillow that You Cannot Do Without

One of the most painful parts of traveling, whether you do it by car, airplane, train or coach, is your neck; rather, the pain in your neck when you try and sleep during the journey. It is often difficult to find a comfortable enough position to sleep in that supports both your head and your neck and you generally wake up with a very bad crick in your neck, sometimes even in your back as you try find the perfect position. If that happens in the middle of your journey, you can just say goodbye to sleep, or say hello to even more pain and stiffness. So, you opt for a travel pillow to make your journey a bit more comfortable.

Most travel pillows, however, are designed to just give some amount of support to your neck but hardly any to your head. Therefore, even people who do use such travel pillows experience some amount of pain in their neck, and possibly their back, especially if they have non-standard sleeping postures. So, what do you do? How can you completely eliminate this problem? By using the new Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow, of course.

Designed for maximum comfort

The Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow has been designed to provide you with maximum amount of comfort, irrespective of the posture that you sleep in. With supports for both your head and your neck, this travel pillow ensures that you get a comfortable rest during your journey and you wake up without even a hint of pain in either your or your back. The pillow looks like a regular travel pillow with two side supports. The region that supports the neck is made from memory foam. It adapts seamlessly to the contours of your neck when you are sleeping and then regains its original shape after you take your weight off it.


The head supports for the pillow come in five different configurations to enable you to rest in a position of your choice. You can sleep on one side or you can rest your head back or you can even bend your neck forward and sleep. No matter how you sleep, your head and neck are supported at all times. You can turn around your pillow and get support for your chin, if you want to. We have also incorporated a strap to keep the pillow in place in each and every one of its configurations. You can sleep knowing that the travel pillow will support you constantly.

Designed for longevity and easy cleaning

The pillow also comes with a washable cover. This makes it easy to clean after long journeys. Further, combined with the memory foam, this increases the life of the pillow.

Ode to the Honey-Heavy Dew of Slumber (and the One Neck Support Travel Pillow That Makes it Possible!)

Ode to the Honey-Heavy Dew of Slumber (and the One Neck Support Travel Pillow That Makes it Possible!)

Why a post on sleep you ask? Because it doesn't come easily for so many, especially the ones bitten by the travel bug. If you're a victim of wanderlust yourself, you know it's true, because this is something you've been through. Again and again.

Trying to get some sleep (and failing miserably at it) is in fact, the one and only thing you hate about traveling. No matter which destination you travel to, no matter what mode of transport you choose, poor, uncomfortable sleep or absolute sleeplessness is a misery that must be endured. Sleep eludes you in the coach class of the plane, on the otherwise-comfortable seats of the train, within the confines of your car, amidst the beautiful scenes when on a boat and even on the increasingly snug seats of the bus.

Plus it's not like you haven't tried to make sleeping comfortable or not-so-painful at the very least, while traveling. You have tried inflatable travel pillows. You have tried plugging your ears with calm, “sleepy” music. You have tried catapulting to your “happy place” in the hopes that the place will be where you slowly drift into sleep. And over the years, you have come to accept that maybe, maybe sleeping comfortably during long haul journeys is just not meant to be.

Except that it is!

Enter Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow – with its Modern Memory Foam construction and superior adjustability, it is the travel accessory you had been waiting for! Crafted using the proprietary design (currently waiting patent approval) of an ex-Dyson design engineer, Roamwild Surround is a total game changer when it comes to travel pillows.

It makes use of the award-winning memory foam to effectively fill the gap between your head and the shoulders, thereby allowing both neck and shoulder muscles to relax. Memory foam allows the pillow to mold according to the natural curvature of your spine. In addition, the pillow “surrounds” your head from both sides, using the memory-foam collar and two inflatable side pillows.

It creates the ideal anatomical support that is missing from the current line of travel pillows, as well as seats of planes, trains, buses, cars and other modes of transport. The result? You find it easier than ever to – a) fall asleep and b) stay that way till you want, despite being seated on a not-so-comfortable seat while traveling.

What makes Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow a stunner?

Several things in fact, including the following:

•    Unmatched adjustability – The pillow can be used in five “settings” to better suit your sleeping posture, pattern, preferences, need or habit.

•    Cleanliness and hygiene – It comes with a washable cover that you can use and reuse without worrying about dust, dirt and germs.

•    Ease of use – Not only is the Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow easy to inflate, deflate and maintain but also to carry around. The pillow comes with a front strap that can be used to both, ensure the pillow stays in a desired position during sleep and to securely attach to your luggage or travel bag.

•    Versatility of use – Use it on your hotel bed, on your lounge chair back at home, on your garden swing and just about every place else you wish to enjoy deep, comfortable slumber!

Get the Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow and start loving every aspect of being a traveler at heart and on a plane, bus, train, boat, car or even your own home!