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Traveling With Your Baby? Why Carrying the Airtushi Travel Highchair Makes Traveling Easier

Why Carry the Airtushi Travel Booster Seat While Traveling With Your Baby?

When traveling with your baby, it would greatly help if you could take his/her high chair along with you. Unfortunately, that is not possible. However, there is an alternative: the Airtushi inflatable booster seat. Why use it? Here's why:
  • Allows your child to express boredom and/or restlessness without toppling off the seat: Kids are restless and get bored easily. And, when sitting in one place, they generally express their agitation by flapping their arms and legs. The Airtushi travel booster seat has been designed to have a semi-rigid structure and included with the seat is a lap belt harness. There are also slots to place your baby's legs. This ensures that your child can flap his/her limbs without accidentally toppling off.

Airtushi is safe and conforms to all US & EU safety standards.

  • Your baby's comfort is taken care of: While it is important to ensure that your baby is seated in a secure manner, it is equally important for you to make sure that your baby is also sitting comfortably. The Airtushi baby booster seat is padded and soft. It also comes with a back rest to ensure that your baby can lean back and sit comfortably at all times.
  • Makes it easier to feed your baby: The Airtushi seat can be fastened on to pretty much any chair. Even if you are out camping or flying on a plane, you can use the Airtushi to convert any set into a high chair for your baby instantly. It also makes it extremely convenient to feed your baby since you won’t have to struggle to hold him/her in place.
  • Easy to travel with: One of the best aspects of the Airtushi travel booster seat is that you can carry it with you easily, anywhere you go. You can very quickly and easily deflate it. Further, the seat folds down into a very compact size and fits comfortably into a carry bag that comes with it. The seat can also be set up in a jiffy. Once you inflate it, you just place it on any chair and use the straps to secure it to the chair. What's more, the seat can be cleaned very easily too. All you need to do is wipe it down using a damp cloth; a baby wipe would work just as well too.

    Airtushi makes traveling with your baby easier. You can rest assured that your baby is both happy and safe.

Why You Need to Get an Airtushi Booster Seat for Your Kid

Why You Need to Get an Airtushi Booster Seat for Your Kid

Traveling to faraway places is all fun, but if you are accompanied with toddlers or kids it can be stressful. You are likely to have a pleasant flying experience if your little one is comfortable all throughout the journey.  To ensure a comfortable journey, you will need booster seats, which will see to it that your kid is safe. After all you do know that the more comfortable your kid is while traveling, the less you have to deal with his/her crankiness. So a travel booster seat like Airtushi, not just ensures that your child has a safe traveling experience, but also assures you some peace of mind. What other benefits do you gain from Airtushi? Here is a look.

Airtushi is easy to setup

You may have come across several booster seats for kids in the market, but how many of them offer easy setup? You don't want to be stuck with a booster seat that requires a lot of setup time or is difficult to store back. With Airtushi, you do not have to worry about these aspects. Airtushi is simple to set up as well as deflate. After you inflate it, you just have to attach its two straps around the chair you want your kid to be seated on. Once you reach the destination, just deflate the seat and you are done.


Safe and comfortable

Among the most important aspects to look for in a travel highchair booster seat is safety and comfort. Airtushi inflatable booster seat offer both of them. An ideal booster seat should help raise your child's seat so that the seat belt can fit hims/her properly, ensuring his/her safety while traveling. Airtushi travel booster seat is padded, which makes it soft and comfortable for your kid to sit on. It is designed in such a way that your child can rest his/her back properly on the seat, offering him/her a comfortable journey irrespective of the duration of travel. The semi rigid structure of the seat prevents your child from toppling out of the seat, a feature you may not find in booster seats with fabric seats. Airtushi also comes a three-point lap harness for extra safety.


Airtushi is suitable for toddlers (over 6 months) as well as children under 3 years. If your child is above three years of age, but weights less than 33lbs, you can use Airtushi to offer him/her a comfortable and safe traveling experience.

A Portable Booster Seat for Your Baby

A Portable Booster Seat for Your Baby

If you have a baby and you travel a lot, then you would have undoubtedly felt the need for a seating solution for your baby which not only keeps him/her securely in place but also does not restrict the movements of his/her little hands and feet. You would also want this seating solution to be able to be used in a variety of situations, including while traveling by air. And, you would have felt the need for a highchair for your baby at the most inopportune times and places while on your holiday and it is something that you would like to be prepared for before you travel again. Does this describe you and your problems? If so, we have a solution for you. The Airtushi Inflatable Travel Booster Seat will solve your problems as far as seating issues for your baby during your holidays are concerned.

A very versatile booster seat

The Airtushi booster seat for your baby can be used in a number of different situations. While traveling by air, you can use this seat to safely secure your baby to the airline seat. While designing this seat, we kept in mind that it is necessary to buckle up your baby during your flight. Therefore, we left two slots on the sides to help you with this.

Further, we also designed this seat to ensure that it can be attached to any chair. Straps attached to Airtushi can be employed to affix this seat to a chair of your choice and instantly convert it into a highchair for your baby. To ensure that your baby won't accidentally fall off, we have also provided buckles to secure him/her to the booster seat. The design is such that Airtushi is soft everywhere while also being very sturdy. It has a semi-rigid padded structure. Slots in the front of this seat allow your baby's legs to move freely. You can now place your baby in this seat without worrying for either his/her safety or comfort.

Very convenient to use

It can be cleaned by just a swipe of a moist cloth or a baby wipe. And, it can inflated and deflated quickly through dedicated valves. It is highly portable and packs into a very small space. You also get a carry bag for this portable booster seat to make it easy for you to pack and carry it with you at all times. And, finally, this portable baby booster seat has been designed to conform to all the safety standards for booster seats in the EU and in the US.

Remove the Worry About Plane Traveling With Kids With Airtushi

Remove the Worry About Plane Traveling With Kids With Airtushi

How great is traveling? It helps you disconnect from and forget the worries of everyday life, lets you relax, rejuvenate and recharge, widens your perspective, increases knowledge and allows you a chance to meet new people, do new things and embrace new cultures. Best of all, if you're traveling with family, it allows you to make collective memories (that certainly last a lifetime!), while enjoying the aforementioned benefits.

Surely you don't mean traveling with toddlers!

No, we do. Agreed, traveling with kids, especially infants and toddlers can be quite the herculean task, especially during the actual travel from one place to another. Once you've arrived at the destination, these hyper-active, over-excited and inquisitive little travelers can be engaged and managed easily. They love sightseeing and you can give them their own child-friendly camera, fanny packs and other toys to keep them happy and occupied. It is the actual transit that is the worst. Whether waiting at the airport or aboard a plane – you have a thousand things to worry about with regards to their comfort and safety.

Settle this worry about their comfort and safety with Airtushi

Using a travel booster seat for your baby when inside a plane allows you to ensure the little trouble-makers stay safe and snug during the flight. The first inflatable booster seat for children between 6 months and 3 years of age, Airtushi is your private nanny when it comes to ensuring safe and comfortable travel for baby.

What makes this inflatable booster seat great is its laser-focus on the needs and struggles of keeping babies secure on airplane seats. Unlike the common all-in-one travel booster seats for toddlers and kids, Airtushi is an expert in one and only one mode of transport – the airplane. When the makers themselves recommend not using it in motor vehicles such as cars and buses, you know this is one product that prioritizes great service delivery over profits.

Why you (and the kids) are going to love Airtushi?

  •    Soft, snug and comfortable – The booster seat is soft and padded throughout. It conforms to all the baby booster seat standards in the U.S. and the European Union, in terms of both comfort and safety.

  •     Self-supporting build – Inflatable boosters are notorious for poor support, something which the Airtushi corrects with its self-supporting structure that reinforces strength when clipped on any seat.  

  •     Superior safety – The strength of its self-supporting build is bolstered with the seat's high-back design, which as posited by Consumer Reports, is safer and more comfortable than backless seat designs. Its lap belt and semi-rigid structure further aid safety.

  •     Multi-use – Turn your Airtushi travel booster into a highchair for the kids to enjoy their meals. You can use it together with folding camping chairs outdoors as well.

  •     Easy to use, clean and maintain – Separate non-return inflate and deflate valves ensure you have no difficulty in performing either task. The portable seat can be folded compactly and packed in a carry bag small enough to fit inside your bag. It can be wiped clean using baby wipes or a regular damp cloth.

Airtushi makes traveling with toddlers easier than ever before!