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Bird Watching and Relaxation: How the PestOff Bird Feeder can bring peace to your life

Bird Watching and Relaxation: How the PestOff Bird Feeder can bring peace to your life

Everyone knows that there are ups and downs in life that can be difficult to overcome. In order to enjoy life to its fullest and appreciate all the things we have, it is essential to do things that make us happy and feel alive! There are various techniques for relieving everyday stresses, such as, meditation and yoga, although for many people, a relaxing and stress relieving hobby can be bird watching. A great way to unwind after a long day at work or on a lazy Sunday is to look out into your garden and submerse yourself in this relaxing way of life, by watching sweet little song birds feeding happily. There are many benefits to bird watching such as becoming more patient, increased mental alertness, and improved cardiovascular health. Bird watching can be a wonderful, freeing activity to take part in, as long as you have a pest proof bird feeder that squirrels and lots of other pests cannot get into. The perfect bird feeder for this serene activity is the Roamwild PestOff Bird Feeder, which is a squirrel proof bird feeder and also a predator proof bird feeder.  There is nothing worse to ruin your, and your feathered friend’s relaxation than a squirrel, large bird, or rat eating all the expensive seed in your bird feeder! A solution has been found, and now with new and innovative technology, you can buy a pest proof bird feeder that only allows small song birds to feed. This incredible bird feeder squirrel proof works with weight sensing technology that allows for feeding ports to become blocked off when anything heavier than a song bird tries to feed. After the weight of the pest has been lifted from the perch, the feeding ports automatically become accessible once again for the song birds! This means that you can eliminate the extra source of stress of these pests, and watch your favourite little birds feed in peace. With the PestOff Bird Feeder, your hobby of bird watching becomes so much easier and completely eliminates pests from the experience! So sit back, and simply enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.


The Reason the Squirrels Are Fatter in your Neighbour’s Garden: They Don’t Have the PestOff Bird Feeder

The Reason the Squirrels Are Fatter in your Neighbour’s Garden: They Don’t Have the PestOff Bird Feeder

When the leaves begin to change colours, and fall from the trees, we know that fall is just around the corner, and this could be the beginning of some garden issues, especially when it comes to feeding your feathery friends. But have no fear, there is a solution!

Imagine this, you have decided that bird watching is your new hobby and you would like to invite all your beautiful, dainty feathered friends to enjoy your garden and have a snack. You purchase an ordinary bird feeder and some bird seed from your nearby garden store, and are ready to let the lovely birds feed away. There’s only one problem, with the fall season, comes stubborn pests, gathering their food for the winter months. Instead of the sweet little songbirds enjoying their meal, you notice squirrels and other larger pests stealing all the birds’ expensive food! With a traditional bird feeder, these pests can easily access the seed, leaving nothing left for the birds! Not to worry, there are solutions to this problem, as there are many squirrel proof bird feeders on the market.  The best of these is the PestOff Bird Feeder. No longer will larger pests be able to take the bird seed from the feeder, with this new and innovative technology that is not only 100% squirrel proof, but also pest proof! When any larger pest, other than those pretty songbirds, land on the perch, the perch hatch moves downwards, blocking off access to the food. Once the pest has left the perch, the hatch automatically returns to its open position for the next songbird to feed!

This ground breaking technology has a HUGE capacity of 1.1 Quarts. The Roamwild PestOff bird feeder has been tested and proven to be completely pest proof. In addition, it comes in three different version to suit multiple bird seed types.  The best part is, this incredible squirrel proof bird feeder is automatically pest proof straight out of the box, there are no settings to adjust. In a review written by Janice Shipp, Senior Researcher at ‘Which? Magazine’ the verdict on the Bird Feeder is that it’s light weight, even when full.  With the PestOff Bird Feeder, there is no need to fear those annoying pests, you can finally relax and watch the birds enjoy, too!

What Birds Will Benefit from Your Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder?

What Birds Will Benefit from Your Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder?

Squirrel proof bird feeders are a fantastic way to attract birds to your yard, as they ensure that plentiful supplies of food are always available. This is done thanks to innovative technology, which makes sure squirrels and other pests aren’t able to pilfer the food you’ve set aside for the birds in your yard.

There are many different birds found in yards throughout the USA, however they aren’t as plentiful as they used to be. But which birds could you be helping when you leave them a hearty meal in your yard...?

Roamwild PestOff Bird feeder stops pests and only lets songbirds feed

Red-Winged Blackbird

This is one of the most common birds throughout the USA, found in all of the Lower 48 states. Just because it is common though, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need your help. If you put out a squirrel proof bird feeder in your garden, you’re almost certain to see a number of these attractive little creatures in your yard very soon.

Chipping Sparrow

This is the native sparrow species in the USA, however it has suffered from the introduction of the European sparrow, which is larger and more aggressive. They aren’t found in cities too much, but they are still common in the rural areas of the country, especially in wooded areas and agricultural areas. Thanks to their small size, they’ll have absolutely no problem benefitting from a squirrel proof bird feeder in your yard.

Swainson’s Thrush

If you want to hear some of the most melodic birdsong in your garden, you really want to attract this bird. With its beautiful voice, it lights up any yard, and will certainly be attracted by a bird feeder. You’ll find it throughout the north-east of the country, as well as in the higher areas of the west, plus it is also found all the way up in Alaska.

American Robin

Found in all areas of the Lower 48, apart from the hottest parts of the South, the American robin is one of the most abundant birds in the country. While more suited to forests and remoter areas, they are today found throughout cities, and are often spotted in peoples’ yards. If you want to attract this beautiful bird, a bird feeder could well be the answer!


There are many different types of warblers in the USA, however the most prolific is probably the yellow-rumped warbler. They don’t migrate in the winter, instead sticking around to eat berries and insects. The fact that they are in the country during the harshest time of the year means that they will really appreciate some extra food on the coldest days.

Why Squirrels are a Pest for Bird Lovers

Why Squirrels are a Pest for Bird Lovers

Squirrels might seem like adorable little critters, but they are a serious pest for those looking to attract lots of birds to their yard.

Hanging up a bird feeder should almost guarantee regular visits from birds, but just one rogue squirrel can put a stop to these visits immediately. Regular bird feeders simply can’t cope with squirrels in the same ways that the PestOff Bird Feeder can, for a number of important reasons…

They Aren’t Strong

Most bird feeders aren’t built to support the weight of a squirrel, as they’ve instead only been designed to support the slight frames of smaller birds. Too much weight can simply cause them to fall apart, leading to you having to replace them. It isn’t just squirrels that do this, but also other rodents, as well as larger birds, such as Grackles, Jays and pigeons. The PestOff Bird Feeder is designed to support large weights though, meaning it will stay working for years.

Squirrels are Thieves

Squirrels have absolutely no idea that the food in a bird feeder isn’t for them, so instead see a free lunch when they see a feeder. They’ll break-in, pilfering the tasty morsels and leaving nothing for the other birds in the area – which will cause these birds to head elsewhere, and abandon your garden. The PestOff Bird Feeder has an innovative design though, which ensures that squirrels have no access to the food inside. The result? They’ll soon get bored and attack someone else’s bird feeder instead…


Just because a squirrel can’t get to the food, it doesn’t mean that they won’t try absolutely everything to do so. With their sharp teeth, they’ll almost certainly gnaw away at the outer casing and, when it comes to brands other than PestOff, they’ll usually succeed in eventually breaking in. PestOff uses anti-gnaw plates though, which are built to withstand the potentially damaging effects of squirrels chewing on them, leading to frustrated squirrels and extremely happy homeowners!


So, it is clear that every bird-lover needs to have a PestOff Bird Feeder in their yard, as it’s the best way to ensure that food goes where it is supposed to go – into the mouths of hungry birds. It will protect against squirrels, and it will also protect against creatures such as rats and chipmunks, whilst also allowing birds to feed easily. The result should be a yard full of bird song!