No More Tossing and Turning: Stay Well-rested While Traveling with this travel neck support from Roamwild


No More Tossing and Turning: Stay Well-rested While Traveling

Are you all set to fly to Europe, or any place that requires you to travel for more than 8-10 hours? In that case let's go through your checklist once again –
  • Required number of clothes
  • At least four pairs of footwear
  • Best of your accessories
What about your travel pillow? Have you packed it yet? If not, prepare yourself for one of the most uncomfortable journeys of you life, after all traveling for over eight hours without proper neck support is not going to be simple or pleasant. Whether yo are traveling by rail, plane, boat or a car, it is vital to have a comfortable journey to ensure that you stay refreshed even after reaching your destination. Not getting enough rest while traveling can leave you tired, preventing you from enjoying your vacation to the fullest. Thankfully you have Roamwild surround travel pillow to keep you well-rested no matter where you are traveling.

What makes Roamwild surround pillow your travel companion?

Unlike regular single travel pillows, Roamwild surround pillow comes with 2 side supports, which provides complete support to your head, with its 'C' shaped design. You may have previously used travel neck pillows filled with polystyrene and air, and may have realized that they do not support your head well. Some of them may even irritate your neck area with their sealed seams. With Roamwild surround travel pillow's memory foam collar, which is supported by two inflatable cushions, you do not have to worry about it. The cushions can be angled as per your comfort, so no more sleeping in an awkward position because your travel pillow doesn’t allow you to sleep in a certain way!


Peaceful, comfortable sleep

 The support strap at the front of Roamwild surround pillow ensures that the cushions move with you without disturbing your sleep. You can use the travel cushion in not one way, but in five comfort modes. Did you get a seat next to a chatterbox or are is any of your co-passengers too loud? Cut all the unnecessary noise out with Roamwild surround pillow, which helps reduce noise around you. Worried about the hygiene factor? Well, don't, because the cushion comes with a washable cover. Roamwild surround travel pillow is also easy to store. When not using the cushion, just use the front connection strap to tie it to your bag.

Roamwild surround travel pillow is a quality tested product, which passes specified safety requirements. It can be used by anyone over 11 years of age.

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  • Carly Cameron