Ode to the Honey-Heavy Dew of Slumber (and the One Neck Support Travel Pillow That Makes it Possible!)


Ode to the Honey-Heavy Dew of Slumber (and the One Neck Support Travel Pillow That Makes it Possible!)

Why a post on sleep you ask? Because it doesn't come easily for so many, especially the ones bitten by the travel bug. If you're a victim of wanderlust yourself, you know it's true, because this is something you've been through. Again and again.

Trying to get some sleep (and failing miserably at it) is in fact, the one and only thing you hate about traveling. No matter which destination you travel to, no matter what mode of transport you choose, poor, uncomfortable sleep or absolute sleeplessness is a misery that must be endured. Sleep eludes you in the coach class of the plane, on the otherwise-comfortable seats of the train, within the confines of your car, amidst the beautiful scenes when on a boat and even on the increasingly snug seats of the bus.

Plus it's not like you haven't tried to make sleeping comfortable or not-so-painful at the very least, while traveling. You have tried inflatable travel pillows. You have tried plugging your ears with calm, “sleepy” music. You have tried catapulting to your “happy place” in the hopes that the place will be where you slowly drift into sleep. And over the years, you have come to accept that maybe, maybe sleeping comfortably during long haul journeys is just not meant to be.

Except that it is!

Enter Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow – with its Modern Memory Foam construction and superior adjustability, it is the travel accessory you had been waiting for! Crafted using the proprietary design (currently waiting patent approval) of an ex-Dyson design engineer, Roamwild Surround is a total game changer when it comes to travel pillows.

It makes use of the award-winning memory foam to effectively fill the gap between your head and the shoulders, thereby allowing both neck and shoulder muscles to relax. Memory foam allows the pillow to mold according to the natural curvature of your spine. In addition, the pillow “surrounds” your head from both sides, using the memory-foam collar and two inflatable side pillows.

It creates the ideal anatomical support that is missing from the current line of travel pillows, as well as seats of planes, trains, buses, cars and other modes of transport. The result? You find it easier than ever to – a) fall asleep and b) stay that way till you want, despite being seated on a not-so-comfortable seat while traveling.

What makes Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow a stunner?

Several things in fact, including the following:

•    Unmatched adjustability – The pillow can be used in five “settings” to better suit your sleeping posture, pattern, preferences, need or habit.

•    Cleanliness and hygiene – It comes with a washable cover that you can use and reuse without worrying about dust, dirt and germs.

•    Ease of use – Not only is the Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow easy to inflate, deflate and maintain but also to carry around. The pillow comes with a front strap that can be used to both, ensure the pillow stays in a desired position during sleep and to securely attach to your luggage or travel bag.

•    Versatility of use – Use it on your hotel bed, on your lounge chair back at home, on your garden swing and just about every place else you wish to enjoy deep, comfortable slumber!

Get the Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow and start loving every aspect of being a traveler at heart and on a plane, bus, train, boat, car or even your own home!

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  • Dawn Helton