Travel Pillow to Make Your Journeys Truly Comfortable

Many people experience a fair amount of discomfort when trying to sleep during their journeys, be it in on airplanes, buses, trains, or cars. You may find it difficult to sleep in the position that you really want and if, by chance, you do manage to nod off for a short time, you will wake up with a very back crick in your neck, courtesy of the awkward sleeping position. Now, however, you can truly sleep comfortably during your journeys and reach your destination refreshed and relaxed. How? The Roamwild Surround travel pillows have come to your rescue.

Design awaiting patent: This travel pillow, which has been designed by a design engineer formerly working for Dyson, is awaiting patent approval.

A unique approach to designing travel pillows: The Roamwild Surround travel pillow is comprised of a memory foam collar and a couple of side pillows that are inflatable. This pillow has five “settings”. The pillow collar adjusts itself to conform to your spine's natural curvature, thereby giving you maximum comfort. No more neck pain for having to bend your neck forwards. The side pillows can be inflated and positioned in such a way to ensure that your entire your head and neck regions are completely supported, irrespective of which position you sleep in. During your journeys, you can prevent your head from suddenly falling forward during your sleep by rotating the travel pillow to an orientation that continuously supports your chin as well as your neck. The five “settings” of this pillow are:

  • partially inflated
  • one side up (and the other side down), depending on your sleeping posture
  • normal – both sides down and completely deflated
  • both side up and completely inflated
  • backwards – to prevent your head from falling forwards by giving support to your chin

Comes with a washable cover: After your travels, you can wash cover. This not only keeps away the germs, it also ensures that you can use the pillow for a long time.

Has a strap: The front strap of the pillow ensures that it stays in the position that you want it to stay throughout your sleep. You can also make use of the strap to attach the surround travel pillow to any bag. This way, you can always carry it with you.

Roamwild Surround Pillow

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