Buy an Inflatable Booster Seat for Your Baby's Travel Needs


Buy an Inflatable Booster Seat for Your Baby's Travel Needs

Buy the Airtushi inflatable booster seat for use during your travels. While not designed for use in on-road motor vehicles or during take-off and landing of airplanes, this portable travel booster seat is perfect for your baby. Manufactured keeping in mind children between the age of 6 months and 3 years, this booster seat is suitable for babies weighing less up to 33 lbs. And, it comes with a carry bag that allows for packing this seat into a very compact form, making it easy to take on all your journeys.

Easy to clean: The seat can be cleaned very easily and quickly by just wiping it down with a baby wipe or a damp cloth.

Easy to use: The travel booster can be inflated and deflated very quickly, courtesy of non-return inflate and deflate valves. It can be set up quickly too. After inflating it, all you need to do is use the two straps of this booster seat and attach it to a chair.

Compatible with different setups: This travel booster seat has a self supporting structure that comes very handy when it needs to be used in an airplane. The seat also has slots in its sides that will allow you to make use of the airplane seat's safety belt on your baby and keep him/her safe. You can also use this during a flight to give yourself a break from carrying your child all the time. Further, you can employ this booster seat in conjunction with a folding camping chair and convert the latter into a highchair for you baby. Because of its design, it can be used with any chair.

Extremely comfortable: Each and every portion of the booster's seat is padded and soft. It also provides excellent backrest, making it a very comfortable seat for your baby.

Very, very safe: Even though the seat is soft, it has a semi-rigid structure. This ensures that your baby won't just topple out of the seat, a problem common in booster seats having sides made of just fabric. In addition, the travel booster also comprises of a lap belt that will help you secure your child to the booster. You won't have to worry about your kid just jumping off.

 Airtushi - The inflatable booster seat

The Airtushi booster seat for your baby conforms to the safety standards for booster seats in both US and EU. You can travel with your baby without having to think about his/her safety, comfort, and your luggage space.

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  • Lynne Bing