Airtushi, Taking Care of Your Child's Comfort and Safety


Airtushi, Taking Care of Your Child's Comfort and Safety

Airtushi is a smart solution to your child's seating safety and comfort needs on trips and travels. The first inflatable booster seat secures tiny tots into their own cozy zone that gives them the independence to flap their hands and legs about, while cocooning them from the back and sides to ensure they don't fall out and stay in their position. Airtushi can be a reliable booster seat for your baby or your two year old. It is suitable for kids aged between six months to three years (or 33 lbs).

Make air travel easier on your kids

It is common logic that kids and planes don't go well together. For some parents, a red-eye flight with one or more toddlers on board can be nightmarish. They will refuse to get buckled in and cannot find a comfortable spot because plane seats weren't exactly designed with restless rug rats in mind. If you've been in this situation, the question you should be asking is 'how can I make my child feel more relaxed?' rather than 'Can I drug 'em?'. Sedating medicines – from cough syrups to analgesics – have become popular among parents who claim their kids are absolute terrors on planes. Try the Airtushi travel booster, we say, and alleviate the stress on your kids (and you). Secure them in the booster for some time to calm them down. Rein in your baby in the booster during feeding time to make her feel at home.

Convert to a highchair anywhere

Airtushi's self-supporting structure allows it to be clipped on to any seating surface. This feature especially comes in handy on outdoor trips, when the daily act of feeding your child can turn into a small commotion. The booster seat can turn into a highchair, latching securely onto camping chairs and enabling your tot to sit up confidently to ingest his meal. You don't have to break a sweat either, and enjoy the flexibility of moving around and mingling without worrying about your little one all the time.

Airtushi is a highback booster seat, which Consumer Reports considers safer than backless boosters as they provide more protection and comfort to kids when seated or asleep. Its padded seat is super-comfy and its backrest and sides are soft and padded. A three-point harness holds kids in stably. The booster seat folds down so compactly that you can easily carry one in your handbag.

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  • Carly Cameron