Air Travel Doesn't Have to Be a Pain in the Neck Anymore


Air Travel Doesn't Have to Be a Pain in the Neck Anymore

According to SpineUniverse, the most visited spine site on the web, 14% of air travelers experience neck pain on flights while 55% complain of both neck and back pain. In-flight comfort is a big deal for most of us, and unless you're up in first class, neck comfortability leaves a lot to be desired.   Neck pillows were designed to solve this problem, but unfortunately, they've been ineffective at it. Now, Roamwild has come up with a new travel pillow that will make you forget those restrictive and precious-little-doing neck pillows hauled by unsuspecting or out-of-choice travelers on flights.

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Modern and thoughtfully designed travel cushion

Did you know that existing travel pillows not only do a poor job of reinforcing the neck but also bring on other problems like cutting circulation, obstructing airflow and constricting air passages, by restricting movement? Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow's Modern Memory Foam construction molds to your spine's natural curvature and supports your neck without stressing it out. There is also a lesser chance that you will suffer a post-travel (and commonly occurring) neck ache. Adding more comfort to your neck and head are inflatable side cushions that support your face when your head assumes a titled position during a deep slumber.

Target the fit to your personal need/habit/preference

 The adjustability offered by the travel pillow makes it easy to find the perfectly comfortable sweet spot. You can inflate it partially for convenient neck comfort on a short-haul flight. Use it without the side supports if you'll just be resting or reading. If you're used to sleeping on one side, move the side support up for home-away-from-home restful sleep. For ultimate comfort and privacy, use the neck pillow with both sides up. Prefer some chin and head support? Wear the side cushions backwards and feel the difference.

A more comfortable way to travel by air

A question posted on Reddit about the features people would like airplane seats to incorporate for a more comfortable flight elicited over 9,000 responses. One among the nine 'most wanted' improvements was the addition of neck and head molding headrests that made sleeping upright less painful, reduced the risk of neck pain afterwards, and prevented you from falling onto the person next to you. Roamwild Surround Travel Pillow does a good job of addressing all three factors. Additionally, it cuts out ambient noise and remains in its place.

Give your neck and head some TLC on your next flight. You know which travel pillow to attach to your carry bag!

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  • Carly Cameron