Airtushi - Dont't travel without your airtushi!

This product has been designed to be the ultimate travel highchair with padded backrest, padded seat, semi rigid sides, so no risk of sideways toppling and semi rigid front bumper bar to help the child sit up. 

The main twist with this product is that it is also designed to be used with an airplane seat and lap belt.  The products self-supporting structure and the slots in the side allow the child to sit inside the Airtushi and then the airplane belt secured over the child.  Only to be used when the seat belt sign is off, this product will help many traveling parents at baby feeding times or to generally give them a break from holding the child on their lap.  Once they have arrived
at their destination it then becomes a very useful highchair accessory for self-catering accommodation and general restaurant use where
highchairs are not readily available.

This self-supporting design, with slots in the side, also makes this inflatable seat perfect for any chair! It’s the ultimate travel chair.

The product comes in a full colour printed box with security seal.  Carry bag is included.

Advantages of Airtushi over competitor booster seats:

-  Airtushi folds up smaller than most
-  Airtushi has a padded backrest and more padded seat
-  Airtushi has padded rigid sides to prevent sideways toppling
-  Airtushi being a more rigid self-standing structure is easier and safer to insert your child into - 2 hands on the child, not one hand trying to move flimsy straps out the way to get the child's leg through?
-  Airtushi has a rigid front bar that encourages sitting up development and helps with support
-  Suitable from 6 months plus to 3 years
-  Can be used on a plane when the seatbelt sign is off - its rigid
structure and design allows it to do this - Others cannot
-  100% wipe clean - Quick dry seats made from fabric take a long time
to dry, and are not as sanitary.

The Airtushi is also 100% wipe clean and has a padded back rest, soft
robust strong sides, and a robust front bar that infant can use to support themselves on and help with their sitting up development and it has a nice padded seat of air - no other collapsible seat can boast these USP's. Patent Pending.

The twin air valve technology included on the Airtushi makes the deflate very fast, just pull the two deflate valves open, fold and roll up, bag up - done!

The product is made from an environmentally friendly, child safe 0.5mm thick PVC.  This is similar to the material that hard hull inflatable rib boats use, it is very strong and durable, and will last.

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  • Dawn Helton