By P. Freedman on December 23, 2014
This is the best travel pillow I haver bought. I usually use the evolution pillow however the surround pillow is far better. It allows me to rest my head ether side without feeling claustrophobic whilst giving my neck great support. I can now finally sleep through a long haul flight.

My new favorite travel pillow choice
By The Travel Insider on November 18, 2014
This is a comfortable and functional new approach to the age-old problem of 'how can you get a comfortable rest on an uncomfortable (coach class) flight. I'd much rather pay the modest price of this pillow than the outrageous price of a first class seat!

You can also use it while wearing full size headphones (as shown in photo).

I like the memory foam and love the clip in front that allows you to hold the two arms of the U-shaped collar closely together for a firmer support. I'm not quite so sure about how useful the two inflatable pillows are, but agree they would be very handy if leaning against the side of the airplane.

Why not five stars? Because, imho, none of these products are as good as 'the real thing' (a lie-flat sleeper bed with nice comfy mattress and pillow). But this one pillow is about as good as they get, and doesn't look as 'weird' (or, more to the point, doesn't make you look as weird!) as some of the other pillow variants do.

All in all, it is similar to the Cabeau unit, but (at least currently) slightly better priced, and with the slight added utility of the inflatable side pillows, so that makes it my current favorite.

As good as first class
By BenF on November 19, 2014
I bought this travel pillow for a long haul flight to Tampa and must I say it works a charm. I find it very difficult to sleep on planes, my neck will ache and generally I will have no head support. I am not a fan of the standard travel pillows, they don't stop my head from tilting and they are far from the alternative of upper class. However this surround pillow is the closest thing you will find to date and I actually managed to fall asleep. Thats how good it is. The pillows on both sides inflate to create the perfect head and neck support. You can have one or both inflated, its your choice. Either way it feels like you are sleeping on an actual pillow and I had no aches or pains throughout the entire flight unlike the many other travel pillows I have used. You can have the pillow supporting the front of your neck or the back of your neck, whichever way you prefer to wear it. I tried it both ways and they both felt equally comfortable, my head was not tilting and I had full support from the side pillows. The side pillows are something I have never seen before and in my opinion, are the solution to travelling first class on a budget!

This is by far the best travel pillow out there
By lloyd on December 23, 2014
This is by far the best travel pillow out there. It is the side cushions that make this truly wonderful. What a sleeping aid. I travelled from Orlando to LA in a middle seat and it gave great support, privacy and rest. I turned mine around backwards so that my chin rested on the back of the pillow, inflated the side cushions and my head and neck were completely supported. What a great idea and amazing value. A no brainer, really.