How can I avoid getting neck ache on long-haul flights?


One of the first things to remember when flying long-haul is the need to keep up your fluid intake. The very low humidity levels within the pressurised cabin have the effect of dehydrating the body. Water is the best option, as alcohol, tea and coffee have a diuretic effect that will lead to further dehydration. Keeping hydrated will benefit your circulation, and your muscle health.

Take time to make yourself comfortable from the start; use a travel pillow or neck cushion to support your head and neck.  The Roamwild surround travel pillow is very good for this.

This travel cushion moulds to the natural curvature of your spine allowing maximum comfort and a fully supported spine. The Roamwild surround pillow allows the cervical spine to maintain it's natural 'C' shaped curve without causing the classic painful and poor postural 'anterior head carriage' or 'hyperextension' positions. This correct 'C' shaped curve is important to help prevent additional stresses and strains on the delicate tissues particularly the ligaments, intervertebral discs, nerve roots and facet joints.   The pillow is also good at reducing lateral deviation (sideways movement) to the cervical spine.  A well thought out, comfortable and functionally designed product.


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  • James Thorn